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Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club

New Member Page

We welcome you to our site. Here as a potential member you will find all the necessary information to start the enrollment process to join our club.
We have pre-registration process that will reserve a spot in the orientation meeting. Please be sure to provide accurate information. Incorrect information will delay the process of becoming a new member and false information will disqualify you from joining our club. 
Meetings start promptly at 9am. Please plan to arrive by 8:45am.
We will be following the social distancing guidelines for indoor activities and other requirements for ranges.
Please be aware that in order to attend the meeting you will be required to bring and wear a face mask at all time while in the building.
You may have your temperature taken using a non-contact thermometer when you enter the building before going into the meeting room.
Please pre-register for the Orientation Meeting to reserve your spot HERE
To check the status of your application please visit Registration Status
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club. Here is the information necessary to become a probationary member of our club:
Pre-Register for the New Member Orientation meeting which is held on the second Sunday of each month at our indoor range. (link at top of this page).
Located at:
Please note the meeting starts promptly at 9:00 AM
Individual Membership Family Membership
Who qualifies for family membership? All family members must fulfill the following requirements: Fees
All members are required to possess: To apply, please bring the following items: