Practical Carbine Competition (PCC)


Location Indoor
Contact Ed B., Jr.(


5th Friday 5:30 pm - 12:00 pm Year Round

.22 LR & Pistol Caliber Carbines ONLY

PCC is a relaxing evening of carbine shooting.

There is only one time session, with the first relay starting at 6:30 and the last around 9:30.
If you would like to shoot early than show up early and be ready to shoot, mags loaded, etc. Preregister is highly recommended which will open at the beginning of the month that the match is held in.

Each relay consists of 5 stages, 90 rounds, minimum of 4 mags and auto loading carbine (Rimfire or Pistol Caliber, Iron Sights or Optics).
Shooting will be from the 10; 15 and 25 yard lines. From the 10 & 15 yard line the position is standing. At the 25 yard line positions vary from sitting; prone; kneeling; standing and also weak and strong hand.
If for any reason at all that you may not be able to shoot from a given position we will work it out.
No questions asked so come on out.
Floor mats will be provided but if you have your own and would like to use it, you may.
All scores from all matches can be found on The PCC web site.