Old Bridge Outdoor Steel Challenge

Location Outdoor
Contact Adam Storch (732-710-0727)
Website obsteelchallenge.com

These matches are held the 1stSunday of every month from April through December. We setup 6 official Steel Challenge stages and if you are a member of USPSA/SCSA you can get classified. Please arrive at the outdoor range by 8:30am for check-in. We start at 9am! You can visit our website at www.obsteelchallenge.com for more information on the league and Steel Challenge.

We welcome new shooters! Just let the Match Director know you are new and we will take care of you. The only way we grow the sport is with new shooters. EVERY shooter was new once… Is it your turn? See you at the range.

$5.00 for OBR&PC members with ID card.
$20.00 for Guests and OBR&PC Members without ID card.