Location Outdoor

Match Director: Dave M (

Assistant Match Director: Jim N (

The Match Hotline is 732-796-6205 Call the morning of the match for any last minute notices.

Description Matches stress accuracy, power and speed.


OBCATS monthly USPSA matches are held at our outdoor range on the 4th Sunday of each month EXCEPT December.

Our matches are open to all members of the shooting public (Old Bridge members, non-members, IPSC/USPSA members, non IPSC/USPSA members).
Please register online at if you plan on attending.


If you are new to action shooting we strongly suggest that you attend one of our Friday night indoor matches before you try the outdoor match however this is not mandatory.


We run a tutorial and then coach you through the practice match.

There is plenty of information about USPSA shooting at: USPSA Getting Started


New Shooters: You MUST check in before 9:00 and attend the mandatory safety briefing and safety check. If you do not attend this mandatory briefing we cannot allow you to shoot the match. This applies to all persons that have not attended a USPSA safety briefing. If in doubt, see us at the Registration trailer or send us an email.



As a general rule, OBCATS matches are held as long as the range conditions are not dangerous. Basically this means that we shoot in all weather EXCEPT heavy rain or ice. Our USPSA match usually requires from 140 to 170 rounds to complete, always bring at LEAST 200 rounds.


Signup will start at about 8:30 and closes promptly at 9:30 to allow us to set the squads. With cooperation we can start shooting at 10:00.


Match fees:

A $5 discount is provided to members of Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club.


To encourage new shooters to join USPSA we will sign you up for an annual membership in USPSA at the match for $40 and you get to shoot that match for free.


Awards are as follows: