• Range is open 7 days a week, from 9AM to ˝ hour before sundown, unless otherwise informed.
  • Members must wear their membership badges when on club facilities and carry their NJ Firearms ID card.
  • Persons without Club ID should be politely asked to leave the range. Persons refusing to leave should be quietly and quickly reported to the police and a club officer. Take the car’s license plate number, never argue in this situation.
  • Members must obey Guest Policy as outlined in Club By-Laws.
  • Range use is limited to ˝ hour when other members are waiting to use the range (except during Club
    Sponsored activities). This rule applies to distance preference.
  • Wooden target stands are provided for member use at the 100 yard line on range 7. If a shortage is
    noticed, the member should notify the Building Committee Chairperson as soon as possible.
  • All target frames must be returned to the 100 yard line upon completion to a shooting session.
  •  Keep the area in a neat and orderly condition.
  • No Parking on or in Pits 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. You may drive in to load and unload equipment only.
  •  There is NO PARKING past a line drawn between the end of the berm between Pit 5 and Range 6 (50 yd. range) and the IPSC trailers.


  • The OBRPC has a cold range rule. This means that all holstered sidearms must be unloaded with magazines removed, or in the case of revolvers, cylinders empty when not on the firing line. This rule includes all members and guests including law enforcement personnel.As this is a safety concern, all members must comply with this rule.
  • ALL TARGETS must be placed so that bullets will impact the berm only. There is to be no shooting into the ground or air. Anyone caught shooting in this manner is subject to IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION.
  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory.
  • CEASE FIRE command must be OBEYED INSTANTLY. Be alert to all range activities.
    All firearms must be made safe before going downrange. Action open, magazines out, firearms cased or holstered.
  • Firearms are not to be touched while people are down range – for any reason.
  • Firearms may only be handled after the range has been cleared and declared “Ready to Fire”.
  • Firearms must be pointed downrange at all times.
  • No shooting at cans or bottles.
  • Any semi-automatic magazine fed firearm must have the magazine out of the firearm when the member is not shooting. This includes handguns that are holstered.
  • All holstered guns must be unloaded first, before leaving the firing line.
  • Cross draw and shoulder holsters are prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages and /or illegal drugs are PROHIBITED on the Club property and are not to be used prior to arrival at the range.
  • Use of paint ball and incendiary ammunition is PROHIBITED.


  • Always clean up your brass before leaving the range.
  • Always remove and discard your paper targets. Keep the range clean.
  • Always move all obstacles to the side or the range after completing a session.
  • Make sure the gate is locked behind you when you enter or leave the range.
  • Return the padlock numbers to 0000.



updated on 05/23/2014